Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

A great review of Miss Brooks Loves Books, (and I don’t) appears here in the May 6th entry of the excellent children’s books blog/site – Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Here’s an excerpt: (by “Jules”)

Seven Cheers (Make That Fist Pumps) for Miss Brooks. “Since I both speak and write in hyperbole sometimes, you may not believe me when I say the book featured in this morning’s post is one of my favorite picture books from 2010. But have mercy, dear readers, and believe me, because here’s the thing: I can’t cover every picture book released in this world, now can I? So, I cover my very favorites from the year (hence, the rampant approbation and high regard for titles here at the ‘ol blawg, all hyperbole aside), and this is one. This right here is such a winning picture book on every level that I’ll be flat-out impressed with myself, something I rarely am, if my words can do it justice this morning.”…..

A real charmer. Not to be missed. Kirkus wrote, “In a word: lovable.” That pretty much covers it. Love. Love. Love. I adore this book.

Please go and have a look around their excellent site. —

Jules - May 8, 2010 - 1:32 am

What great work in this book, Michael! If you’re ever up for one of my illustrator “breakfast” interviews, email me!


Connell Bennett - June 19, 2010 - 6:46 am

What great work in this book, Michael! If you’re ever up for one of my illustrator “breakfast” interviews, email me!

“There” shortlisted for Irish Bisto award

Besides being a children’s book author and illustrator myself, I am also married to an award winning children’s book author and illustrator – Dublin native Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick.   So there are two of us in Somerset House rere. (now before anyone corrects me on the spelling of “rere”, the Irish are allowed to spell rear either “rear”, or ” rere”.) Anyway, This is the latest picturebook by Marie-Louise, titled There. It has been shortlisted (nominated) for the prestigious “Bisto” award. There is a charming and poetic book about a girl that ponders the question – “What will it be like, when I get there? A allegorical poem about growing up.

Marie-Louise is highly respected and well loved children’s author and artist here in Ireland.  Though primarily known as a writer and illustrator of picture books, she has recently completed her first 9-12 novel, Timecatcher.

due out this May(2010). Marie-Louise has won the Bisto award twice before  – both times for picturebooks. In 2001 for Izzy and Skunk, and 2003 for, You and Me and the Great Blue Sea. It is the highest honor for children’s books here in Ireland, and it is chosen from all Irish born, or resident authors of picturebooks, novels and early readers published that year. The 2010 award winner will be announced late in May. The award is presented by CBI – Children’s Books Ireland.

(The name Bisto is a kind of gravy…. and also happens to be the sponsor of the award. Years ago Bisto would have had a well known series of television ads here in Ireland, portraying children having a wonderful time…eating gravy… so the association stuck.)

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Moving up the list.

Miss Brooks Loves Books, (and I don’t) rockets to #8 on NYT bestseller list!

Deb Marciano - May 11, 2010 - 11:50 pm

Book lovers, here’s a HUGE boost to trying to find that perfect book for that young reader… Awesome story about the passion of this children’s librarian… and just the perfect illustrations to bring that passion to life. An inspiration for teachers, librarians, and others who never give up trying to match readers with wonderful children’s literature.

Miss Brooks sketches

Due to public demand…  here are sketches from my newest children’s book Miss Brooks Loves Books(and I don’t) , by Barbara Bottner.

I always produce hundreds of drawings while I explore the characters and scenes in a book. These are but three of an entire plastic box stuffed with drawings on vellum or still in sketchbooks. I’ve gotten used to combining computer scanning of sketch art into photoshop and  tweaking it in tiny ways then  printing it out onto fine watercolor paper before painting.

all images copyright 2010 michael emberley