Making the cover of Horn Book

The jacket art for the You Read To Me, I’ll Read To You, Very Short Fairy Tales to Read Together just made the cover of Horn Book magazine. I don’t think I’ve ever had art on the cover of any magazine, let alone THE prestigious children’s book criticism mag. Took some time to make it since the art is 6-7 years old now. But hey…

Rebecca - December 19, 2010 - 12:37 pm


Ed Emberley in Juxtapose

Ed Emberley, legendary children’s book designer and illustrator is featured in the November 2010 edition of Juxtapose magazine.   The magazine of hip naive, comic,  street art, graffiti art etc. pays tribute to Ed for his huge body of work and in particular for the many artists over the past 40+ years that have been influenced and inspired by his series of how-to-draw books. The Ed Emberley drawing books use a unique system of creating drawings of varying complexity using a “drawing alphabet” made up of recognizable and unintimidating shapes that novice artists would likely feel comfortable saying, “I can draw that!”. Just about anyone (and millions have since 1968) can make drawings that they previously would have thought they could never draw,  from Ed’s simple step by step breakdown of even a complicated Pirate ship complete with all the rigging, into simple, easy-to-draw shapes.

Ed Emberley has recently been featured in a gallery show in LA showcasing his own body of work as well as several young artists showing work demonstrating an Ed Emberley  influence.

Ed lives and works in Massachusetts with his wife Barbara in a 300+ year old wooden house, made up of a birch of simple wooden beams, boards,shingles, wooden pegs and handmade nails… Oh, his Kids Rebecca and Michael also make books……

Photo credit –  Diana Guzman for Juxtapose Magazine

TIMECATCHER nominated for Irish Book Awards

My wife’s new novel for 8-12’s – TIMECATCHER – has just been shortlisted (nominated) for the 2010 IRISH BOOK AWARDS (Senior Children’s Book division )  Way hey! (as she says) It’s up against tough competition- Sarah Webb’s Amy Green, Derek Landy’s Skulduggery and John Boyne’s Noah Barleywater.

The award is open to Irish writers only, and it’s an award  the public gets to vote on (for 50%, with professionals such as Librarians and booksellers getting 50% of the vote.)

Read more about it here, on her Facebook/book page:

and here:

Angry Eyes

An angry set of eyes on this little girl — but is she really that angry? This is only partly drawn from life, or more to the point, not all from one person. The young girl is the same one used for the rest of the book, Hi New Baby!, published in 1997.

But the girl was not that angry and not in this pose exactly. Since I was using photo reference, always limiting in that you have to use what you have because making something up will almost always look different that those images drawn form the photos.

In this case I was stuck between what I wanted to draw and what I had for photos. You can’t possibly plan every shot you want or need ahead of time, even if you did, there would be the inevitable change of plans, new ideas, or text changes. So instead of shooting new photos, impossible in this case as I was in London finishing this book in the attic above Walker Books just south of the river. And the model was 3,000 miles away in Massachusetts.

So I taped up a shard of mirror that was lying around onto the drawing board, and drew my own eyes, making an angry glare, exactly as I wanted the girl to look…The teddy bear pose, you can guess, was purposeful so I would not have to draw the rest of the girl’s face. I thought I just might get away with the eyes, with a little fudging,  but I’d never pass for a 4 year old girl, no matter how much I messed around with my face……