The Ultimate Guide to Grandmas and Grandpas




– School Library Journal


Published by Harper Collins, 2008. Written by Sally Lloyd-Jones. This title is OUT-OF-PRINT










Book page text –  copyright Sally Lloyd-Jones 2008

What can I say about this book that might not be apparent?  
Hmmm. Well, it began as a book that was agreed to be completely illustrated using people, and then my editor decided it would be better with animals – after I had drawn out the whole book. Now some people might have gone berserk if their editor changed the whole book after sketching out the entire thing, but I  had to admit it was a good idea, and I’m better with animals anyway, so I just went to work and submitted a new sketch dummy with animals instead, and they loved it so there you go…
I was actually called, out of  the blue, in San Diego, by the editor, Margaret Anastas, to illustrate this book. And she worked for a publisher I had never worked for before. (Harper Collins) Now people might assume after working in the publishing industry for 30 years that I would get calls all the time from publishers wanting books illustrated. Well, I don’t. This is the only book I’ve done from a cold call. I loved the book. I enjoyed working with Margaret. She was wonderful and funny. But I’ve never done another book with Margaret or Harper again. And I may never. It’s a funny business. It’s not that I don’t want to. But I became busy with other projects, and nobody came knocking again… 
The author, Sally Lloyd-Jones, sounds like a very interesting person. She is, by her own web words: “…a British-born children’s book writer, born in Kampala, Uganda, raised in East, and West Africa and at a boarding school in the “New Forest”,  she moved to the States in 1989 “just for a year or two. She’s still (t)here.”
Now who wouldn’t want to meet someone who went to school in a “Forest”?? Sally  now lives in NYC. But though I’ve been to NYC many times, I’ve never met her. (as of Jan 2013)  But… that’s another odd thing about this business that you come to accept: you sometimes never meet the people you work with. I did manage to meet my editor Margaret face to face, but I’ve yet to meet Sally. Something to look forward to. You can “Meet”  Sally at her website Sally, here, see her in slippers here, and hear her speak  here
Oppenheimer Toy Award  for Best Book 2008

“Lloyd-Jones’s celebration of the grandparent/grandchild bond presents itself as an instruction manual for children… Readers of all ages will appreciate Emberley’s lively illustrations.”  –  Kirkus Reviews

“Lloyd-Jones’s playful text is perfectly captured in Emberley’s gently humorous drawings. Your young readers and listeners will recognize themselves and the grandparents they adore in this funny yet loving handbook.”   BOOKS OF WONDER, New York.

“In this story about how children should treat their elders, grandparents and grandchildren representing all kinds of animal species play together, enjoy snacks, take trips, tell stories, snuggle, and share secrets. Lloyd-Jones’s text is both charming and tongue-in-cheek as she explains the rules for a variety of youngster/oldster interactions: “It’s important to let your grandpa have some of your ice cream, and let him build you big sand castles like when he was a boy”; or, “You need to teach your grandma football, let her score touchdowns, and then shout, ‘Good job, Grandma!'” Emberley’s enchanting illustrations mirror each character’s personality: a monkey grandfather, wearing a hoop earring and pushed-up spectacles, sits on a lounge chair and reads to a lap full of squirming grandbabies; a large bear is hugged by a circle of smiling cubs; and a pig grandmother sits on a couch with two piglets and a bucket of popcorn. The joys, frivolities, and frustrations that are part of the intergenerational dynamic as well as the special bond that exists nowhere else are all delightfully conveyed with deadpan humor in both text and art.” School Library Journal / Jane Marino, Bronxville Public Library, NY – Copyright © Reed Business Information


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