An Annoying ABC Jacket

A book jacket can take a long time to get right. Almost always there are conflicting issues –  from marketing demands, editorial preferences, to the illustrators artistic ego. I want one thing they want another. We all have the same goal: make the best jacket possible. But not everyone has the same idea of what constitutes the best solution.

The jacket is the sales tool for the book. The message should be about two things: here’s what I am about – buy me. Usually the primary drive for the publisher, and rightly so, is getting the “Buy Me” message across no matter what it looks like. As the designer or illustrator, my desire is for both the book to sell and look great as well. I always assume both are possible. But time is usually my problem. Not enough of it to find  the perfect design that makes everyone happy.

The jacket for this book: An Annoying ABC, was pretty straightforward. I came up with a few ideas and this one with kids holding the letters A B C above them came early on.After a few thoughts, I drew as many different faces as I felt I needed to get the expressions just right.

More to come…