Book Done…almost

Well, it’s probably tempting fate but my latest book is just about done. Just waiting for a jacket approval before doing the art for the cover.

But it’s 99% done…

I’ve been working in this tiny rented room in the middle of my village here in Ireland, as there is no space at home with my wife, Marei-Louise, also finishing off an illustration job at the same time. She has just about finished a picture book that she also wrote.

This job is pictures only…. “only” that is… Only about 75 illustrations in total… Pencil and watercolor. Have a look. And a second new book I’m already deep into that is due right away as well so there’s no real rest at the moment. (I’ll sleep in the Summer) Luckily that book is already taking shape and moving forward. Overlap. A fatal term in book illustration. But it always seems to work out that way…

As I work the illustrations are clipped to a wooden frame I made because the room is too small to lay them out flat. I made all the other furniture as well, well, I cannibalized  a few bits from IKEA (who doesn’t?)

Here  are most of the final color  illustrations up on the wall of fame. I had so many though they do not all fit so some are on the other wall. You can see a bit easier here. They are clipped to the frame so I would not have to bring the wrath of Khan done on me for poking a million holes in the wall. Plus it’s an old building and the wall might not be able to take it. It’s important to me to be able to visualize the entire book, for balancing color themes, for progress, for avoiding repetition, and for simply getting them to dry in the damp Irish air…. (I’m right near to the Irish sea, on the East coast. You can just see it from my window.)The biggest pain in the book (above) – Casey Jones and his freakin’ trains…(he was a real guy apparently)Too much detail, ugh!

This is one of my faviorites. I love movement better than detail.

OK I’m exhausted. More later. Gotta get going on that second book.

Bridget - March 31, 2013 - 10:35 pm

Thanks for showing these – looks amazing! I can relate to loving movement but you get detail too – impressive. Sometimes I think only another illustrators can appreciate how much work this involves and boy I hope you get a break after this! I also like to see all my work up for a project together -sometime several versions of the same spread. But your solid frame solution beats white tack which I’m ruining my walls with.
Will this book be out in the UK?