Maybe a Bear Ate It! wins state Honor

Maybe A Bear Ate It! (text by Robie Harris, published by Scholastic/Orchard) was chosen as the sole book for the state-wide Colorado, USA, One Book 4 Colorado program. This event manages to put the same book into the hands of every 4 year old in the state. (

The Book was featured originally as a co-publication with the organization – Reach Out and Read – which aims to get more books into children’s hands through the health services – Doctors offices for example. Children attending a doctor appointment would leave with a free book to keep. Encouraging the idea of literacy as part of a broader health strategy.  Reach out and Read in Colorado was involved with the One Book 4 Colorado program.

Some of my favorite images of the character I named “Gatto”, for myself, since he has no actual name in the text. Not just for fun – it makes it tedious to keep referring to him as “the main character” during editorial meetings. These images were taken from the Korean edition. I like the jacket and the text, like most designers, looks better to me in Asian lettering…I don’t know, it just does. I’ll add some more later.