Michael Emberley art hits the road in California

Recently the Beaumont library district in southern California commissioned a design for their new library van featuring art from my book, An Annoying ABC (written by Barbara Bottner). I think it looks fantastic! What a wonderful effort on the part of everyone involved.

This van travels to pre-schools and child-care providers so they can come aboard and select from a collection of picture books and storytime materials housed on the shelving.  Beaumont is a small town (they recently put in their 10th stop light!) still they serve about 50,000 people.

The van made it’s debut in the Beaumont community’s Cherry Festival Parade.  Beaumont are known by the State Library for their outstanding services in support of Early Literacy.

The van will hold about 2,000 books, (including a few of mine!) and travels to a number of the community’s child care centers and preschools. The van’s back has a listing of sponsors…

The design is applied in what they call a vinyl wrap. The people who did this amazing job are called Aviwraps. (In case you want to do the same for your van….)

The old Library building in town dates back to the 30’s.

The beautiful renovation inside the library is an inviting space for children.

Inside the beautifully renovated library
More of the inside of the lovely library.
An original mural on the wall

Beaumont Library District

125 East 8th St

Beaumont, CA   92223