Michael Emberley’s illustrations called “an unassuming wonder”

“Emberley’s art is an unassuming wonder…”

“…a playful masterclass in using the page…”

A great new “In Depth” review for my latest work, Forget-Me-Nots, Poems to Learn by Heart, an illustrated anthology of poetry compiled (and with contributions) by former US Children’s Poet Laureate Mary Ann Hoberman, was featured in the June 2012 edition of the highly respected review publication Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books. “The Big Picture”, a regular Bulletin feature both on-line and off, is a special monthly in-depth look at selected new titles and trends.

Below is an excerpt from the review that discusses the art. See the full article here.

“Emberley’s art is an unassuming wonder, a playful masterclass in using the page to support and extend the verse visuals. Watercolor lined with pencil and touched with pastel, the illustrations perform their job with assurance, taste, and humor, subtly linking spreads across the gutter and framing verse in negative or even positive space. For instance, the first anthological spread is a clever perpendical, subtly framing the verses with a focused vertical downpour on the side (which falls on a mournful, umbrella-wielding auk) and an oceanic horizon line on the bottom (the auk bobs in a tiny boat). The subsequent spreads plaster poems on the broad backs of animals, illuminate them in the diagonal lightspill from a flashlight, or curve around them with snowy footprints. Small jokes, visual stories, and sneaky allusions to the poems add to the visual entertainment, insuring that kids will want to return to the book even when they’ve tucked the poems into memory.”

–Deborah Stevenson, Editor

The Bulletinof the Center for Children’s Books
The Big Picture, a regular Bulletin feature both on-line and off, is an in-depth look at selected new titles and trends.