The Emberleys join Draw-A-Thon!

When home in the USA for Thanksgiving, my family and I contributed to the OGY “Draw Food” event. My drawing is below. See the rest of the drawings, and read more about the cause on the OGY site:

Photo above: Ed Emberley and Michael Emberley drawing by candlelight. 🙂

Photo above:  Rebecca Emberley and Marie-Louise Fitzpatrick.

Arroz con pollo / Michael Emberley * *As a super secret special surprise the entire Emberley family had a will-draw-a-thon of their own on thanksgiving and did 4 of our supporter’s requests!  See all 4 drawings. 

Above is the drawing I did.I had to draw “Pollo con Arroz”. Or, chicken and rice.

The rice is going off the paper to the right…

(Text below from OYG DRAW blog)

“In case you were wondering how an entire family of fantastic (and generous) illustrators spends their Thanksgiving, we’ve got the answer.  We were very lucky and extremely thankful to have the ENTIRE FAMILY OF EMBERLEY artists contribute drawings for the draw-a-thon. We randomly selected 4 drawings and sent them off to Massachusetts for a little family style Thanksgiving draw-a-thon.  Check out the drawings (oh, you lucky ducks who get these!)

We can’t thank them enough for contributing their time and talents to the event!

I’m feeling !

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