Welcome Back Sun with a sweater

Since it is the season of darkness, or the Murketiden, I thought I’d revisit my most wintery book, Welcome Back Sun, now out of print. It’s all about the darkness of winter and waiting for the sun to come back. It’s based in Norway where winter takes on a whole new meaning. This new sweater based on an illustration of mine was designed by Marilyn van Keppel.

From the website Feral Knitters:

Dear Knitters, As it becomes more and more difficult to pretend that the days are not shortening, I am reminded of a touching children’s book, Welcome Back Sun, written and illustrated by Michael Emberley (Little, Brown,1993). Thinking of the seemingly endless sunless months that people in far northern climes endure makes our short mid-winter days positively cheering. I love the book very much, and the beautiful watercolors of numerous Norwegian sweaters gave me a reason to stock the title until it went out of print. Marilyn van Keppel was equally enchanted by the illustrated sweaters; particularly the painting in the frontispiece. She knitted it again and again and, with Michael Emberley’s permission, we have reproduced his painting to accompany Marilyn’s instructions for the Welcome Back Sun Sweater (SPP#22); a yoke-style cardigan in 3 sizes, knitted in Shetland Jumper Weight wool. When I went to pick up copies at the printers yesterday, they thought an artist had been inspired by the photograph of Eli to produce the painting. Actually, Eli had studied the painting carefully and practiced getting just the right expression to match it closely. Good job, huh?”

Sweater design by Marilyn Van Keppel based on an illustration from Welcome Back Sun by Michael Emberley

Schoolhouse Press

Welcome Back Sun (SPP 22)

Marilyn van Keppel

Marilyn’s sweater design was inspired by a painting in the frontispiece of the touching children’s book, Welcome Back Sun, by Michael Emberley (Little, Brown,1993), sadly now out of print. With Michael Emberley’s permission, we have reproduced his painting (see at left) to accompany Marilyn’s knitted version; a yoke-style cardigan in 3 sizes, knitted in Shetland Jumper Weight wool. 4 pages. $10

Discount Until January 6, 2013, $8