You Read To Me, I’ll Read To You – Very Short Mother Goose Tales To Read Together

This first of the You Read to Me books that I did with a pencil line direct on Watercolor paper. You wouldn’t think it would make much difference what you use to get a book done, but in this case I’m sure it’s the reason why this book has more favorite drawings than any other in the series. The first book I used a cheap ballpoint pen, because, at the time it was the line that was happening for me. The second book I used a black waterproof pen that I was never happy with. It left me feeling that I had no subtlety. Lots of the drawings feel clumsy. Even after the usual period where everything looks horrible…

It’s funny how intangible qualities such as pen, pencil, drag, speed, flow, can either inspire, or make you draw like a monkey with a hangover. I always look for ways to include a large spread with a continuous flow like the one above, but this is the only one in this book. There is such a tiny space in the margins of these books. And the layouts are inflexible since they are fixed for the series. This poem left lots of page and I pounced on it.

There are a bunch of drawings I really like in this book. The fiddling kilted Cat. The homeless raccoon and street musician ape. The crocodile in the Humpty Dumpty looks cool because he has a kind of real mouth that has a kind of volume I like. He has a personality. And so does the cracked up H.D. I like the mean cat in period collar. Most of the “actors” in this book are set beforehand in the text, but some like this I was free to create an unusual character for the doc. As I made up a doctor for the broken egg man, I thought it would only do to make a new kind of medical care. I can’t honestly remember why I used a crocodile, but the doctor in the text is not overly sympathetic, and more than a little incompetent. I like the innocent courage of the oversized Jack be Nimble as played by am elephant.